Picking an accommodation that doesn’t meet your needs when travelling could end up ruining an otherwise good experience. This is why we have created a forum where we provide those travelling to Newcastle with tips on getting the right places to live depending on the duration of their stay in the city.

We have listed down some of the best beach hostels in and near Newcastle. Whether you are a student looking for the best place to live as you study, we have created a list that responds to all your needs. For those visiting the city just for a couple of days, we have given out pointers on where to get the best deals.

Since our desire is to make every guest create great memories when visiting Newcastle, we have also created a list of some of the fun activities you can take part in like surfing. Newcastle is a beautiful city and our work is to ensure you savour every single moment of your visit.

To ensure each and every question you might have when looking for accommodation in Newcastle is responded to, we have segmented the information into sections where different issues have been addressed.

Things to See in Newcastle

For first time visitors, there are lots of activities and things to see in the city. To make every minute of your stay worthwhile, we have listed some of the things you can see and take part in. Our goal is to help you make wonderful and everlasting memories while at it.

Hostels and the Services They Offer

We pride ourselves in providing premier content about accommodation services in Newcastle to anyone planning to visit the city. We have a whole section where every little detail about hostels and the services they offer has been covered. From choosing a good hostel to making the best out of your experience, we have given out great tips and insights.

A lot of thought has gone into putting all the tips and the information you will find here. Our desire is to help everyone who visits Newcastle to have great experiences savouring what the city has to offer.

Our tips are based on real-life experiences from other visitors and in-depth chats with those who own and run the facilities.