Hostels are a preferred go-to form of accommodation for most budget travellers. Staying in a hostel when travelling is one way to meet new people and make new friends. When booking a hostel, there are essential services and amenities that you should consider, which will make your stay in the hostel awesome. Below is a list of hostels’ must-have services.

Shared Kitchen and Common Areas

If travelling on a budget, preparing your meals can help you cut on the meals budget. With a typically busy hostel kitchen, you can interact with other travellers and learn how to cook new delicacies. A shared common area is another place to meet others and also relax when not in your room.

Security and Safety Features

Everybody wants to feel secure while sleeping, whether staying in a hostel, hotel, motel or apartment. Before booking, read through the reviews to know more avout the security and safety, which may include a front desk or support, if the rooms have locks and if there is a fire exit.


The availability of lockers is another essential amenity that a hostel should have. The locker should be big enough to fit your luggage and important valuables. The lockers also help travellers organize their rooms, in order not to have to carry their belongings every time they step out.

Multiple Power Outlets

Most people carry several devices when travelling. These devices may include a camera, a mobile phone or a computer. Some hostels will offer one or two power outlet which may be frustrating, especially when you need to charge several devices simultaneously.

Professional Washing Machine

A professional washing machine is essential, especially for people who don’t like carrying dirty laundry when going back home. The machine will also save time for travellers because it takes a few minutes to wash and dry the clothes.