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Facilities and Services

We are passionate about connecting visitors with the right accommodation facilities in Newcastle. One of the sections you will find on our site is dedicated to explaining everything you need to know before choosing a beach hostel to live in. We have also explained about the different activities you can take part in during your visit as well as scenic places to visit.

If you are a surfing fan, this is one of the best activities you will have fun doing in Newcastle. We have listed down the best beach hotels that offer professional surfing services in case this is one of the activities you would want to take part in.

Our Handy Accommodation Tips

Apart from listing down great places you can live in Newcastle, we have also given out tips on how to choose a good beach hostel. There are a lot of things to consider depending on the experience you are looking forward to having. You will find a simple guide on our site to help you pick the right place for yourself or your family.