Newcastle is a popular city among tourists and whether planning to visit the city for a day, week, month or even if one is a local, there is plenty to keep you engaged. Newcastle is a harbour city located in the state of New South Wales, Australia and it has plenty to offer where tourists get to experience the cities rich history, culture and sunny beaches. Here are the best things to do in Newcastle, Australia.

The Beaches

Newcastle is known for its beautiful beaches and is home to some of the world’s surfing champions. Visiting the beach should undoubtedly be on your bucket list. The beaches are less crowded when compared to the ones located in other parts of Australia, such as the Gold Coast and Sydney. It’s easy to access the beaches in the city and with free and plenty of parking spaces, travellers don’t have to worry about where to leave their cars.

Visit Fort Scratchley

During the World Wars, Fort Scratchley was used as a first line of defence and now it has been converted into a memorial and museum. Fort Scratchley is located in the heart of the city and provides an exceptional view over the harbour, Nobbies Beach and the coast.

Wine Tasting in the Hunter Valley

Located near the countries top wine-producing districts, Newcastle is a premier destination for wine lovers. To access more wineries tourists can decide to drive to some of the best wineries in the city including Tulloch Wines and Potters Hotel and Brewery. There are also plenty of cheese and wine tasting bus tour companies for those who prefer not to drive.

Walk Along the Foreshore to the Breakwall

This is a favourite for locals, especially on a sunny day where you will find runners, riders and dogs filling the pathway. Though the walk may take an hour, it’s a great experience and you might feel like doing it over again.